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I was in an automatic car wash when my car was thrown around and my car hit the front car. How do I prove the car wash's fault?

San Diego, CA |

I drove into the car wash and suddenly I was thrown around in my car - hitting another car. I do not understand what happened and I do not understand how my car could have been thrown in 2 directions front back twice. The car wash refuses to be responsible.

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  1. This is a complex issue where a lawyer comes in very handy. Unless you accidentally pressed on the gas or brakes to cause your car to jerk around, you either got hit from behind by another car, from in front by another car or one of the mechanisms pushed you around (was there one of those tracks on the ground that pushes your car forward or were you responsible for moving your car forward?). Either way, it sounds like there was car damage. Any physical injuries. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you contact an attorney to assist you with navigating the various insurance companies and claims that will ultimately result from this.

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  2. If you were injured in the ordeal, then you should seek medical attention. You need to consult with an experienced car accident attorney to evaluate your case. I have more than 20 years of experience protecting the rights of my clients and have the expertise to evaluate even the most complicated mechanisms of injury. I hope that I can be of greater service to you in your case.

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  3. There are a few things that you should do. Get photos of the damage to your car. Get photos of the car wash where the incident occurred. Search Avvo and consult with a lawyer. If you were injured, make sure to see a doctor right away - tell the doctor about all of your aches and pain (just tell him about your complaints and do not try and speculate how the injuries arose). Finally, if you have any visible marks, cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc., take photos. Good luck.