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I was in an accident and now the other driver is threatening to sue, should I be worried?

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I am certain I had the green light, as 100 feet back from the light I slowed down because it was red, but then went back to speed when it changed green, so when I got to the intersection, I did not even realize a car was there, and I hit the back end of his car. The driver and myself were not injured, but he had stated he had been drinking. In addition, he does not have a valid license. He stated that if I called the police, I would have to lie and say his friend was driving. His intimidation caused me to not call the police until after I left the scene. I filed an incident report with the police. The other driver says he had the green, I say I did, so therefore insurance will pay for our own bills, but not the others deductibles. He says he will sue because I lied. Should I be worried?

I should add that no one was injured, and there were no other cars nearby. He did have his young son in the passenger seat.

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  1. If he files a lawsuit, immediately report it to your insurance company and send them the paperwork. You may want to give your insurance company a heads-up even. Try not to worry. Good luck.

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  2. You reported it to your insurance company, so that was the first important thing you accomplished. As for whose at fault, both of you will apparently claim that the other went through a red light, so it is a question of credibility in determining fault. Just sit back and if you are served with legal process just turn it over to your insurance company right away.

  3. If I were you I would be worried that you did not tell the truth, as that will cast doubt on everything you say in the future, but there's nothing you can do about that now. From this point forward you need to start telling the truth and try to not be intimidated by the other driver. He clearly has his own interest in mind - not yours. Report the accident to your insurance company immediately. They will ask you to make a recorded statement and you should tell them everything, including the bullying you received from the other driver. They will take care of the case for you.

  4. If you are in an automobile accident and the other party is threatening you, this matter needs to be reported to the police department. Turn the matter into your insurance, let then pay the property claim, and let then file suit to recoupe the money.

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  5. Simply report the accident to your insurance company to resolve.

  6. Term this entire matter over to your of the liability insurance carrier and let them handle this for you. That is why you pay them a premium.

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