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I was in a car wreck 2 yrs ago . it was my vehicle someone else driving . my ins co settled but i was not giving a MRI at the

Alma, GA |

time i have just found out that i have 2 buldged disk and bone spurs on my neck due to trauma or injury can i re - sue my ins or am i out of luck because i took their offer .

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  1. It sound like you settled your case and as result you probably waived your rights for any further action.

    Darrell B. Reynolds Attorney At Law

  2. Unfortunately you are probably out of luck on 2 counts. First, because it sounds like you took their offer and absent extraordinary circumstances you are usually stuck with the deal you made even if it later turns out to be a bad one. Secondly, you are probably outside the 2 yr window within which you have to bring suit. I'm sorry for your pain and hope you heal quickly and well.

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  3. The one most foolish thing anyone can do in a car wreck is to talk with the insurer without a lawyer. Once you signed a release, assuming you did, you cheated yourself (I suspect here out of a large amount of money). Show a lawyer what you signed, but if it's a normal release you are out of luck.

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  4. Unfortunately, you are probably out of luck. If it has been over two years since the wreck the statute of limitation probably bars your claim. Even if it doesn't, yur claim is probably barred because of the release you almost certainly signed when you took the offer. You should take the release and wreck report to a personal injury lawyer, though, to be sure. Good luck.

  5. When a case is settled, it is typically over. Also, there is a deadline to sue known as the statute of limitations.

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  6. Your case is likely settled; and, even if the case could be "unsettled" by someone with experience in personal injury/insurance or contract litigation, your statute of limitations may have run on your case. Sorry about your situation.

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