I was in a car acciden. I flipped over and my passenger was injured, she wants to sue me if I dont give her more cash.

Asked over 2 years ago - Garden Grove, CA

The cash is for her medical bills and days missing from work. I dont want to give her anymore $. What can I do?

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    Answered . Never settle privately, or the person will come back over and over for more money. Report it to your insurance company to cover.

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    Answered . Simply report this to your insurance company. If you don't have insurance or just want advise contact an attorney. Do not get involved with paying someone off, do continue to do the correct "thing",

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    Answered . Is there any reason you have not reported this to your insurance company?

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    Answered . This sounds like pure and simple extortion. If I understand this, if you don't keep shelling out money, she will sue. Notify the insurance company ASAP. This is the classic reason that we all pay for insurance. If, for some reason you do not have the correct coverage, then take the money you have saved by not having the correct coverage and retain an attorney to (1) send correspondence demanding that the extortion stop and/or (2) to determine what the actual damages are, to make a fair offer and to draft a full, final and valid release protecting you from the extortionist.

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    Answered . Report the incident to your insurance company. This will ensure the money goes directly towards her medical expenses and everything is handled accordingly.

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    Answered . Like my colleagues I"m wondering where your insurance company was in your "facts". That's why it's mandatory, submit a claim. Private solutions are no solution.

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    Answered . Settling a lawsuit - whether the suit has been filed or is threatened to be filed - should be done with a written settlement agreement. When a person continues to pay pay another person out of fear of that other person filing a lawsuit or doing something else unpleasant, it is often called blackmail or extortion - it's never called a "settlement." A good attorney should be able to draft a solid settlement agreement and advise as to whether settlement is even advisable.

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    Answered . I agree with the attorneys above. Yikes! Even worse, you paid with Cash? Probably most likely lost that money unless she is honest or get deposed about getting paid by you... eeks! Always protect yourself and have things in writing or payment by form of receipt or check...etc.

    I was going to say tell your insurance company that you paid her already for her medical bills and wage-loss already, but since you paid in cash, that's difficult to prove unless she is an honest person...etc. Maybe your insurance company can depose her about that in a deposition or get the other attorney to agree to questioning her in the present of her attorney...etc.

    Either way you should for sure report the incident to your insurance company.

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