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I was granted expungement after 5 years with no police contact. I was pullled over for broken tail light. Did I lose it

Waupaca, WI |

I was granted expungement after 5 years of conviction with no police contact. I was recently pulled over and given a written warning for broken tail light. Did I just lose my expundgment. Also, is it possible to get the expungement earlier than 5 years?

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Probably not. I am assuming you have been given a ticket for failure of equipment and that it was not a criminal defense. Assuming that is correct, I think you are OK. It would also help for you to consult the document that granted you expungement. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Walter A. Piel Jr.

Walter A. Piel Jr.


I agree with the above. Carefully examine any expungement agreement to determine the specific parameters. I find many times people are poor historians of what was actually said and their obligations. Thus, it would be wise do the above. I too hope that a prosecutor would not revoke an expungement agreement based on such a minor violation.


It would be a very vindictive prosecutor who would argue against expunction due to an equipment violation unless there was good evidence that you knowingly ignored the equipment violation and the violation led to some bad outcome (i.e. a crash). I wouldn't worry about it but do have a dilemma as to whether you report the stop now or not. If you do, it will bring the stop to the DA's attention but you might very well get points for honesty but if you don't report they might not ever find out about it. Then again, they might find out about it and hold your not reporting the contact against you to some extent. You should hire your old attorney for a quick consultation on this point. For probably $100 or less you should be able to get that attorney's opinion on the matter.

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