I was granted an extension to pay off the remaining balance ($1,100+) of my fees/fines for driving on a suspended license...

... after a DUI arrest that was reduced to a wet reckless. What can I do to have that due balance reduced (I've already paid off $400.00 so far) and is there any way I can still get that misdemeanor driving with a suspended license conviction reduced to an infraction? (I'm in CA, LA County)

Los Angeles, CA -

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Michael J Silveira

Michael J Silveira

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - San Francisco, CA

You may consider putting the case on calendar and requesting the fine be converted to community service, although I am not sure what the LA court's position on this is.

You will likely not be able to reduce the misdemeanor to an infraction at this point.

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Thousand Oaks, CA

You cannot get it reduced at this time since you already pled guilty. It is probably too late already. You have to pay the fine indicated.

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