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I was given a total program cost and docusigned it in 2010, and have been over charged do I need a lawyer?

Firestone, CO |

The amount that I was quoted at for "total program cost" was $9,696 and when recently checking my student loan its at 38,000 + and I haven't finished. I feel that I should only pay what I was quoted for.

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It would be helpful to have an attorney review what you signed to determine the contract that you signed. It might have included a huge amount of interest or that might have been the charge per year or it could have just been a mistake. None of us can tell you without looking at the documentation.

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I would need a lot more information to answer this question. Is the school the direct lender? State or Private School? How much money have you received directly from student loans? How was the program cost "quoted" to you? What type of program is this? Etc.



The school is not the direct lender. My lender is Great lakes borrowers services, it's a private school and I have not received any money directly. It was quoted to me in a authorization agreement and I was told it was the program cost and it states the program cost as "Total Program Cost" and does not state per term/credit/year. I checked my loan status and was devastated as it was close to 30,000 higher than my quote. The financial office at the school had an odd response when I asked them and sent me over a form that they had to print and then scan and then send to me on which I supposedly docusigned. That seemed to be an odd process since it was already on the computer and the docusign looks very different than the original one that I saved to my computer back on 5/2010



I was in the computer science program and changed majors after taking a semester off due to being in Brazil for 3 weeks. I changed to a business program.


If the school quoted you a total program cost of $9,696 and then charged you over $30,000 you may have a claim for fraudulent inducement. You had to have signed additional documents to take out the loans and it is hard to understand how you borrowed without noticing that you were taking out more than three times the amount you expected to pay. You may want to review all the documents with an attorney immediately as most claims have a limitation period of 2-3 years.

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