I was given a douche box an a vagisil box by two male employees is this sexual harassment? Or am I over reacting

Asked about 1 year ago - Blue Ash, OH

I'm 26 yrs old. Build heat exchangers. An the two males are 45+ yrs old. Boss knows of them bringing in the boxes but claims to not known about it an started getting a attitude with me over being concerned that its inappropriate an disrupting that two adults find it funny. The two men that did the "joke" are also my supervisors "pets".

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  1. Elizabeth Sarah Loring

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    Answered . You are not overreacting, and it certainly sounds as if you are being sexually harassed. You need to consult with an experienced employment attorney to discuss options to address the situation before it has a chance to escalate. Please feel free to contact my office to ask for a consultation with me.
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  2. Eugene P. Castagliuolo

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    Answered . What's interesting to me about this case is that, not only do you have the two employees demonstrating conduct which is clearly s/h, you have a supervisor failing to handle the situation "by the book." I agree with my colleague: Forget reporting to other/higher management, go straight to an employment attorney. Good luck!

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  3. Judy A. Goldstein

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    Answered . Yes, this could be considered sexual harassment. Go speak to an attorney if your HR department or higher up management refuse to take action.

  4. Kevin Rindler Madison


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    Answered . set an appointment with an attorney who specializes in employment law and sexual harassment cases. Then after a thorough review of all of the facts, they can give you an opinion as to whether you have a viable claim, and what procedural steps you should take. Most attorneys handle these cases on a contingency percentage fee, taking a percentage of the recovery. There are no hourly fees and most attorneys do not charge anything for an initial appointment to discuss your case.

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  5. Orion Gray Callison III

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    Answered . You should definitely consult with an employment attorney in your jurisdiction.

    When you do, first make sure that your employer is subject to sexual harassment laws. A federal claim requires that the employer has 15 employees. I do not practice in Ohio so I do not know what your state remedies are or if they have a requirement for a minimum number of employees. You will need to ask an attorney in your area. Sometimes there are also county or city ordinances that have remedies, which may not require as many employees if your employer is small.

    The conduct certainly seems sexually harassing, and it appears to have happened more than once (assuming you received the items on different days or occasions).

    Also ask your attorney about a claim for sex discrimination harassment, which is harassment based on your gender (it doesn't have to be sexual).

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