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I was given a 24 hour notice by my property man. co. to enter my home for "repairs and decorating". There are no needed repairs.

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Do I have to allow them access without them telling me specifically what repairs are needed? The only repair needed is an outside gate, which someone already came and looked at through the property management company. I was told by the agent at the property Co. that she herself is coming. This was served to me along with a 60-day notice to vacate, with no reason given. I am 6 months into a 12 month lease. When i verbally question the reason for the vacate notice, I was told that the homeowner is re-claiming her home. Homeowner lives in Michigan, I rent her property in Ca. I have never been late on rent. Can they really vacate me?

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More facts are needed. You say you are "6 months into a 12 month lease." If it really is a 12-month term lease, then I question whether the notice is proper. Based on the facts you present, your landlord does not appear to have any "cause" to terminate your lease.

In a periodic (month to month) tenancy, the landlord does not need cause, and can simply terminate the lease after providing statutory notice. A term lease is different, and obligates the landlord to provide the premises to you for the specified term, as long as you continue to uphold your part of the bargain (e.g. mainly to pay rent on time).

You should probably show you written lease to a landlord-tenant attorney in your area, who will probably send a letter to your landlord. Good luck.

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I understand your suspicion. Call or email the property manager and politely ask what repairs are necessary. If she does not tell you what they are doing, you could probably tell them that you are not going to let them in because they were not doing repairs. But "probably" could get you in trouble if you get a three-day notice to comply or vacate.


I agree with the other attorneys that this sounds somewhat suspicious since no repairs were required. Since you are in a term lease, the landlord could not just give you a 60 day notice to vacate. There has to a breach of the lease in one way or another. I would recommend you talk to an attorney if the landlord tries to pressure you to move out or takes some other retaliatory measures. Good luck!

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