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I was fired from my job for hearsay my bay manager told the asst manager that i refused to work on a car and i was fired

Chicago, IL |

now i am being denied benefits because the employer put insubordination so i would be denied benefits i never refused to work on car he lied to about what really happen management would not even review the tapes to see if he even talked to me

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What is your question? I don't know what you mean you were fired for "hearsay," Additionally, I am unclear as to whether or not you in fact filed for unemployment. Did the unemployment office send you an official denial letter? If you were in fact denied benefits, you may appeal this finding. See the following link for more information.

Good luck

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You have not asked a question but if you want to try to file for unemployment compensation, go ahead. Your former employer will probably object and you will have to appeal the denial. In the meantime, look for a new job. Your benefits are gone.


I don't fully understand your question but in order for an appeal to be filed, you first need to litigate the issue and get a ruling. You cannot jump straight to appeals.

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