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I was fired for violating hipaa

Wayne, NJ |

I complained to OSHA and doh about my job, they made my life hell ,I went on sick leave. During this time OSHA sent me copies of everything my job was sending them.many falsified documents and statements.I called the company pharmacy to make sure a dr order was still on file and that it wasn't discarded by my boss to hide evidence.I told her my # were I was calling from .she thought due to a language barrier that was a fax# ,I don't have a fax! They called my job to say I was trying to have a doc. Faxed and it wouldn't go through.seen it was my # and fired me .this patient died due to what I originally complained to OSHA about. The notice of my termination and reason was sent to five depts that had nothing to due with hipaa and everyone I worked with knows about this accusation against me.

I am unable to get unemployment or a job due to this .I filed an 11 c against my job through OSHA .just to add I was caring for that patient when the dr. Wrote that order.they sent my termination and violation letter to ,OSHA ,doh,workers comp,my towns health dept and head of epidemeology I feel this is libel .Did I violate hipaa?Are they libel?

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Without knowing all of the facts and reviewing the documents in question, there is no simple yes or no answer. Ultimate liability of a party in a lawsuit is only determined by a jury after a long discovery process and trial.

You should consult an attorney that specializes in plaintiff employment, particularly CEPA, or "Whistleblower" suits in New Jersey. He can also bring an action for libel in the same complaint if he feels the case has merit.

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