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I was fired do to "not meeting performance standards" and was denied unemployment in Texas due to being fired..What can I do?

Bedford, TX |

I transferred from a Target in Denton to one here in Euless. I noticed instantly I was not meeting the standards they had. I requested within the first 2 month to move to a different department. I was denied (the head of the dept and HR both said I could but the head of my dept said she wanted me to stay and "keep trying" I knew I would not meet the standards and two weeks later I was written up for something can't remember what this forced me to stay in my position for 1 year. In this year I was written up another 4-5 times. This was the reason I was fired not due to performance but to write ups for little things that everyone working in my position does daily.

I was fired about a 9 months later. I filed for unemployment and was denied due to being fired. Is there anything I can do?

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  1. Appeal the unemployment decision. You should get a packet in the mail with the notice of denial which explains how to appeal. You'll have to show why you deserve unemployment. Look at the rules promulgated by the Texas Unemployment Board and how they do or do not apply to you. If you are unsure of how to appeal after receiving the packet you should hire an unemployment law attorney. Most unemployment appeals are structured so that you can do it yourself, but some find a lawyer helpful.

    The other thing you can do is begin applying to jobs, see if you get hired, and if you don't apply again on that basis.

    Best of luck,

    Shannon K. McDonald

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