I was falsely accused of shoplifting

Asked 11 months ago - Detroit, MI

I was at a department store almost 2 weeks ago looking around for nail stuff. I got some but placed them back on the aisle cause I didn't want them. As I was going around the store, security approached me and asked me if I was looking at the nail section and he was holding the things I returned. I said yes but I put them back cause I didn't want to buy them. He then told me to leave the store and not come back. If I will, I will be prosecuted. As I was out, he ran after me and asked me if I had taken something that I didn't pay for. I showed him all the contents of my bag to prove to him that I didn't. He then told me to not return to the store. The cops were not called and none of my information was taken. What should I do? I have shoplifted before but wasn't caught. Thanks.

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  1. Tracy Torni Gaudenzi

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    Answered . I would take my business elsewhere from now on. Don't return to that store, and don't shoplift.

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  2. Mani Khavajian

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    Answered . Stop shoplifting, it is not worth the risk! Stay away from that store.

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  3. Jeffrey Scott Kaplan

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    Answered . They can't prosecute you for shoplifting just for going back to the store, but you can be charged with trespassing. Don't go back. It is clear you're not welcome there and why invite the scrutiny. And DON'T SHOPLIFT! That you haven't been caught yet doesn't mean that you won't be caught.

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  4. David B. Carter Jr.


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    Answered . Don't go back.

  5. Melissa J. Houghton-Heinig

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    Answered . Don't go back.

    Stop shoplifting.

    Stop posting admissions on the web.

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