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I was falsely accused of hitting a parked car. What should I do?

Garden Grove, CA |

I left the supermarket one evening and the owner of the car next to me would not let me leave because he claimed I hit his car. His damage was on the left rear door and I had previous unreported/undocumented damage on my front right bumper. I did not want to give insurance info because I did not hit his and he called the police. The police came within only 5 minutes, talks with the other guy, then takes only 30 sec. to look at my car, would not listen to anything I had to say and then points the finger saying "It's all your fault, you hit him and you should pay him in cash so your insurance does not go up." I refuse to admit fault for something I did not do. The police did a report and left and I get a call from my insurance. What should I do? I don't have anything backing up my damages.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my question. I apologize for not being completely clear with my previous description due to a characters limit. Unfortunately the parking lot does not have surveillance. I did already report it to my insurance and sent them the pictures I took. However, the evidence are lining up against me because the damages are at the same measurements and I do not have any proof that my damages are from 3 years ago when I hit a classmate back in college and we did not exchange info nor did we take pictures. But pictures don't do justice because you cannot tell my damages are old from only photos and my insurance company will not come down in person as they regard this as just a minor accident.

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  1. there's no resson for you to admit something you did not do. the other driver has no actual prrof that you hit his car ... unless he lies. does parking lot have surveillance? you should have taken pics ... might have helped your case. report to your insurance company and tell them everything.

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  2. Bottom line is report it to your insurance company to resolve, put it behind you, and move on with your life.

  3. Tell your insurance company what happened. You are in a bad situation here because the police officer sided with the other person based on what he observed in damage, and will probably need to take care of it.

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  4. I've seen this mistake many times before. You should have just given him your insurance information and dealt with it through the insurance companies. Instead, the police got called and you now have a traffic collision report sided against you!

    Sounds like your options are to pay it yourself or to report it to your insurance company. This is why people buy insurance. They will investigate and detemine if you caused the damages. They have experts that will compare the damage and investigate the incident to determine if you caused it or not.

    You can try fighting it alone, but unless you have access to accident reconstruction experts and other auto accident it will be a very diffucult and uphill battle to do alone.

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  5. The attitude of the police officer was pretty bizarre. It is not their place to suggest a cash payment. Other than that just cooperate with your insurance company.