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I was due a contracted raise 18 months ago how do I obtain all of it? company will only pay 3 months back

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I was due a contracted raise 18 months ago how do I obtain all of it? company will only pay 3 months back and I being asked to sign a statement stating I agree with this amount

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  1. Is there a union involved? who negotiated the contract increase? what were the reasons given for denying the raise due 18 months ago? More information is needed. Depending on the answer to these questions, it would be in your best interests to consult with an attorney so that the facts and circumstances behind the raise can be fully vetted so that you may be able to get a fuller sense of your rights.

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  2. Take your original contract and the statement your employer is asking you to sign now to a local employment attorney for review. The attorney will need to go over both to determine what your rights are, how to enforce them, and what rights you may be giving up if you sign the new agreement. You can search for an attorney on Avvo or contact the National Employment Lawyers Association for a referral.

    This answer is provided for guidance only. DO NOT rely on it as legal advice. We DO NOT have an attorney-client relationship. You should contact an attorney in your area for a one-on-one consultation before pursuing any action or making any decisions.

  3. If you are in a union, you must file a grievance with your shop steward. Check the contract provisions; your "contracted raise" may have conditions attached to it which your employer may think you violated (common violations are performance deficiencies or poor attendance). If this is the case, you must demand a hearing with your HR department.

    All answers given are my opinions based on the limited facts given. No answers should be relied upon without a full consultation. To make an appointment, please call: 631.988.0976.

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