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I was driving with expire licence and i did not know. i got a ticket and said misdeaminor. how a face this in court to reduced t

Fremont, CA |

should i declare guilty. or no contest

Attorney Answers 3

  1. No!! You get an attorney to deal with it. If you cannot afford one, since its a misdemeanor, you can apply for a public defender.

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  2. As Mr. Feasel said, you don't just plead guilty (or no contest) to charges you're facing. You should certainly consider getting a local lawyer or at least consulting with one in your area.

    One other thing I might add:
    Have you since sought to get a current license? That might go a long way. I've seen judges dismiss driving without a license charges because the defendant got a license and showed it to the court.

    Check with the DMV and see what you need to do for a renewal.

  3. I agree get an attorney. They may be able to beat the case or negotiate for a lesser charge.