I was driving my friends car home because he was too drunk and he told me to drive . I hit a guard rail and totaled the car .

Asked about 2 years ago - Spring Valley, NY

No one was hurt and no other cars were involved . His car is just totaled . Can he sue me ?

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    Answered . Yes. Don't post more facts. Were you ticketed, as well?

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    Answered . Yes your friend can sue you for the damages caused to his car. He can also make a claim for bodily injuries against you even though at the present, you don't believe that he was injured. Please be sure to contact your own auto insurance company and report the accident. You will also need to report the accident to your friend's auto insurance company as that carrier will have to defend you in the event of a claim brought against you.

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    Answered . As my colleagues have indicated, the answer is yes. Post no more information here and put all carriers on notice of a potential claim. You may want to speak to an attorney BEFORE making any statements to any carriers however.

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    Answered . Yes. Depending on whether he has collision coverage, his insurer may have paid for the car less any deductible. He would then have a claim against you for the deductible. Do not go into detail on this site. It may be discoverable during any litigation.

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    Answered . Yes but you are covered under his insurance so if he has collission insurance then there is no difference in suing you or just making a claim with his carrier.

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    Answered . I agree with the other posters. I do think you should put your insurance on notice. Your friend's insurance may want to subrogate against you.

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    Answered . Yes - he could sue you. You should have coverage under his insurance policy, although, I would report the matter to both your carrier and the car's owners carrier.

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    Answered . Simply report this accident to his insurance company to resolve.

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