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I was driving a friends car and i got pulled over, I coudnt find the proof of insurance, am i at fault?

Louisville, KY |

I got pulled over in my friends car, but i couldn't find the proof of insurance and his tags where expired. I really dont know if he has insurance. I was given a citation and now I have to go to court. Am I at fault? I know i was driving but its not my car. To add insult to injury i only have my intermidiate license, so any points added to my license, i can get it taken away. Somebody please help me!

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A few things you should know or think about:

First, make sure you go to the hearing.

Second, if you have auto insurance, it typically covers you when you are driving another's vehicle, i.e. the insurance "travels" with you. Check your policy. Should you have that proof of insurance with you? Yes.

Third, if you were driving a car with expired tabs, the court likely will determine that you should have known that.

Fourth, explain about your intermediate license to the judge...this is why you want to make sure you go to the hearing, and the fact that you have your own insurance, i.e. you act responsibly, and respectfully request that the citation be dismissed. In some states, officers do not show up for the hearing, which is an automatic dismissal.

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