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I was divorced in 2010. I have just recently paid my house in full and need her name to be removed form the title.

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I was divorced in 2010. I have just recently paid my house in full and need her name to be removed form the title. I have no doubt she would be willing to do this. We had a "clean" break-up. The problem is I have no way of contacting her. I last saw her in January 2012. I have no phone number, no address, no online contact or anything. How can I get the trailer title in my name only?

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  1. I am sorry that you are going through this, you will need to find her in order for her to quit claim deed title to you, or you may petition the court for an order if it is included in your sep agreement. take care.

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  2. If you are talking about a mobile home, title is held just like a motor vehicle - car, motorcycle, etc. If you were awarded the mobile home in your judgment for dissolution and you are certain your ex would be OK with it, simply sign her name on he title. Many couples execute titles to each other and the Secretary of State does not have a problem with that. Please be certain that your ex would be OK with this and that you are entitled to sole and exclusive ownership of the trailer.

  3. Hire someone to find her and get in touch with her to complete this.

  4. Talk with the lawyer you used for your divorce. Your attorney can almost certainly find her within a few days with the information in his/her file.

    Attorneys are quite careful about making sure these sorts of problems don't arise and, when they do, attorneys are usually very prepared to resolve them quickly.

  5. Were you awarded the trailer in your judgment? If you were you can get the Court to transfer title similarly to getting a Judge's Deed on a piece of land. You need to try serving notice at her last known address before seeking the Judicial Transfer. As I am often in Court call my assistant Dan London at 312-807-3990 to set up a private telephone consultation. At the consultation we can discuss the confidential details we need to craft a strategic plan. These details should not be broadcast over the Internet.

    This is a general answer and does not address the specifics of your individual case. To give the specific answer you need our firm needs you to come in for a consultation.

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