I was discharged with no notice from my Orthopedic doctor, after I made a complaint and asked to review my medical records.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Hammond, IN

I had reason to believe proper medical records were not being recorded , I started going to this orthopedic Dr's practice in November & from the beginning the standard of care was terrible . Being I was on public aid I had very few choices near me to see a specialist . After my first appointment I immediately tried to go to a training hospital , but the commute was too great for my situation and I was left with no choice but him . While ongoing with treatment , every single appointment I went to was terrible and i had to remind them why I was there . I filed a complaint with HF right after my last appointment , and scheduled a medical history review . At the review a whole slew of bad things went down and I had the foresight to record the 2 hour ordeal which I was billed for and ended w / discharge .

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Is malpractice an exclusive remedy? and what is Tort? is tort criminal or civil? and in the case of the former, I would have to contact the state attorney general? The law as I read it plainly states 844 IAC 5-2-4 "You shall not abandon any patient." and if malpractice is an exclusive remedy, how does the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act interpret a case of abandonment? I am following up with a family physician to handle my depression/anxiety/pain, but if i can't wait until my appointment living with the sudden drop from my medicine I am going to the hospital... and 3 days prior to discharge dr, ordered 3 seperate electrical tests for me to make appointsments to get. I was definately in the middle of treatment when this was dropped on me.

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    Answered . What is your question? Were you damaged permanently by the terrible standard of care?

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    Answered . There is nothing to pursue here legally. You have made your complaints known now concentrate on treatment somewhere else.

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    Answered . I'm sorry but I can't find a question to answer.

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    Answered . What is your question?

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    Answered . If you are asking whether a medical practice has to give notice prior to discharging a patient from care, then answer, as far as I know, is "no."

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