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I was denied unemployment due to misconduct/excessive absenteeism. Warned once 90+ days prior to termination. How can i fight?

Naples, FL |

I have missed work due to my children being sick and due to myself being sick quite a number of times in my 13 mo. employment with Germain Motor Company. I was given a written warning due to absence 90+ days prior to my termination. When they terminated me they stated it was due to excessive absenteeism, as i had just missed 8 days of 14 prior. I had turned in a doctor's note for part of that. I have now been denied my unemployment for misconduct. I have just filed an appeal and plan to fight this. Do i have a chance of this being reversed?

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Sometimes, the issues confronted are so very specific that it is nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible, for an attorney to give you a proper analysis by way of a summary posting on an internet site. I understand your concern. I know that this is not the answer that you are looking for, but I believe that you will need to obtain a consultation with an attorney to further explore the specific circumstances behind your question.

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