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I was denied unemployment benefits due to leaving my last job without good cause.

Lilburn, GA |

I was offered a new job so I gave my employer 6 weeks notice. A few days before I was to leave I was informed the new job was no longer available . I had already signed up to go to school when I start the new job, so I asked my employer if I could work part time while I attend school and was told no. So I was left with no job and applied for unemployment benefits. I have filled out all forms and was initially approved then informed that I was denied . can I appeal the decision?

I was told that a firm offer of employment was a legitimate reason to quit. I did so but the offer was later pulled after I turned in my notice. I asked if I could work part time(I had already signed up for school) and was told I wasn't needed

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Sure - anyone can appeal. However, from your post you quit your job. People who quit don't get unemployment.

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You can certainly appeal, but I would be surprised if it were successful. Unemployment insurance is for when you become involuntarily unemployed. You rolled the dice and they came up snake eyes. It's unfortunate, but the State isn't not obligated to support you in this circumstance.

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I'm not sure about the law in GA, but in NC, there are limited circumstances when you receive unemployment when you resign. From the facts in your post, I believe it would be difficult to receive benefits, but you should consider consulting with a local attorney familiar with the law around unemployment to make sure there's not an argument that would be applicable to your facts.

Good luck.

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