I was denied disabilty retirement because my lawyer filed late whatcan i do now.

I hired a lawyer to file a disabilty retirement application 8 months before it was due. He filed the application 5 months late. I was denied, on the basis of late filing. The Dr. representing my employer agreed i could no longer do the Job and i was awared social security, i worked this job for 24yrs. Everything pointed to me being awarded disbility retirement.

Albany, NY -

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Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Jeffrey Bruce Gold

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Bellmore, NY

In order to succeed with a malpractice action you need to show that the attorney committed professional negligence and but for that professional negligence, you would have received a different result. Assuming that you can show that you would have qualified for the disability pension, the attorney's negligence is fairly simple to show. The damages would be difference between what you receive each month vs. what you would have received. These tend to be relative easy cases to settle since assuming the lawyer has insurance, the insurance company can relatively easily convert the anticipated damages into present value OR purchase an annuity that guarantees you that amount each month. You shouldn't have too much difficult finding an attorney to take the case, although, many firms such as mine that pursue legal malpractice cases reserve the right to withdraw if the attorney is not insured. That said, it sounds like a decent legal malpractice case. Where is the attorney located?

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Andy I Chen

Andy I Chen

Business Attorney - Los Altos, CA

It looks like you'd have to go after your lawyer for malpractice. I would ask a couple of questions first: (1) did your lawyer have a reason for waiting 13 months to file your application? Was there some piece of information he needed and couldn't get? (2) Was the late filing the only reason your app was denied? If you had filed it on time, are you certain you would have gotten it approved?

You might have gotten your application denied based on the late filing, but it is possible it could have been denied on other grounds even if it had been filed on time.

Hope that helps.


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David Andrew Mallen

David Andrew Mallen

Employment / Labor Attorney - El Segundo, CA

In addition to consulting with a malpractice lawyer, you may wish to check with another disability lawyer to determine your appeal rights, if any.

Sorry to hear about your situation.

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