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I was convicted in wisconsin for substaintial battery and charged a felon at 17 and my case was realy self defense

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i was in a earlier argument with a fellow classmate and it was a heated situation and after school i left and came back after a fifteen minute hiatus to return and get into an argument with the young ladies brother who came off the bus to fight me in place of her. i was threatened and we began to fight but during the fight i hit him over the head causing a minor injury of 15 stiches in the shoulder blade and now i am suffering for trying to protect myself and was ask to waive my maranda rifhts and right to a trial by the officer on call to the scene and then my lawyer who did not defend me at all . i am now fighting for a Denovo review and have found so many faults of my attorney that i am ready to fight is this possible?

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Is it possible to appeal or seek other post-conviction relief, in general the answer is Yes. In NJ and the other States with which I am familiar, these types of proceedings are time-sensitive and fact-dependent. I strongly urge you consult immediately with an experienced WI defense lawyer to ensure that your appeal/review is properly filed and within the applicable time limitations. When you are having the consultation, you can also discuss all of the defects you have identified to determine which can help to support your appeal/review. Good luck.

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There are several questions I would want answered before I began to answer this question. It appears you are considering some form of post-conviction relief based on the performance of your trial attorney. There are extremely tight time limits on this in Wisconsin. Assuming you were convicted, you would have been given a form advising you of your appeals rights. That form refers to a twenty day time limit. You may have issues worth advancing. You should be in touch with an attorney licensed to practice in Wisconsin immediately.

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Stephen P. Johnson

Stephen P. Johnson


Good answer. If you can get a new hearing, withdraw your plea you may undo a plea arrangement Review this with a competent Wisconsin attorney now.

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