I was conned into investing my life saving of $54,556 with a company handling my divorce .

Asked about 1 year ago - San Diego, CA

Before the investment was made they did not give any legal documents to review, approve or sign .I have no evidence of the investment. The cashier"s check was made to A 1 legal law offices . I did received a $1000 checks as dividend on the investment from December of last year until march of this year. Since April they stopped paying me the annuity . I don"t know where is the money invested into as to with what company or agency. I feel that this company is fraud , scam and took advantage of me . When I do call requesting for information they keep hanging up on me I also don"t see any evidence showing they are registered licences to do investment. I need some help.

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  1. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . Based just on what you have written here, I share your anxiety. This does not sound the least bit orthodox or right, and this is a lot of money to be at such risk. There are a number of law enforcement and regulatory agencies with jurisdiction and you can make complaints with each. You can hire a licensed P. I. and legal counsel to assist you in developing an concerted effort to recover your funds. You might want to consider consulting with an attorney who has special skills in fraud investigations and determinations.

    One attorney with special skills in matters of fraud who participates regularly here on Avvo is Athina Karamanlis Powers:

    I wish for you a successful outcome in this matter.

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  2. Athina Karamanlis Powers


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    Answered . More facts are needed. You describe most of the elements of a fraud scheme. My advice is to act here and now! Don't wait not even for a minute...Fast acting is the best solution.
    In order the check to be cashed you need some legitimate proof of a legal entity . Move fast...
    Do u have a copy of the certified check you gave? How long ago you gave it ..how who when are vital in your case.

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  3. William Nicholas Blasser

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    Answered . Very sorry to hear you are dealing with this. It must be very frustrating. To provide a solid answer to your question I would need to know more details about your case. For instance, can you provide a paper trail or any proof that you wrote a cashier's check to this law office? Do you have any letters or statements from the law office discussing your investment? That will help you. It sounds like you were represented by an attorney who convinced you to invest money with him for a fee of some sort? Is this accurate? Also, do you know the name of the attorney who was helping you with this? The answers to these questions are all very important in assessing your case. If I were you, I would speak with an attorney about this as soon as you can. Many (including my office) offer free consultations. Good luck to you.

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  4. Robert V Cornish Jr.

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    Answered . I would strongly suggest contacting the California Dep't of Corporations Fraud Unit as a start:


    A law firm selling an annuity product is beyond the norm. An annuity without any documentation doesn't pass the "smell test." You should contact a CA attorney to assist you in filing the complaints and gathering the information needed to protect yourself as best as possible from further losses.

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