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I was cited at fault for an auto accident a little over a year ago and I'm getting infrequent calls from subrogation folks.

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So far as I know this was a non-physical injury accident. Both parties insured. My vehicle was a total loss, not so sure about the other? Near the one year mark I was still being billed for insurance on a non-existent vehicle and receiving calls from a "subrogation specialist". As I hadn't received any paperwork or cancellation from my insurer I phoned an inquiry and found my agent had not filed my claim due to technicalities. After clearing this up and finding they haven't paid a claim to date I've rec. yet another call from the subrogation folks. I've received nothing by mail and my insurer says they can't do anything unless I do. They say communication with the 2nd party advices they have an attorney and are not to speak to them. Unemployed and desire resolution asap!

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Let your insurance company handle it. That's what you have them for.

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In my state, we tell everyone to make a copy of everything you have received attach it to a letter completely explaining everything you have learned to date. Send it via certified mail return receipt to your insurance company. Include your name, address, phone number and claim #. Demand that they indemnify and defend on this claim. Request that they respond in writing. Call a local lawyer and see if this is the same for your state. Hopefully, he will give you a free 2 minute consult.


When you buy insurance, generally you are purchasing indemnification in the event a judgment is entered and defense of that claim. Turn the matter over to your insurance company. Do so in writing via certified mail return receipt. Request they respond in writing. Call a local car accident attorney in your area to verify the law of your state.

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