I was charged with writing bad checks. I paid the checks.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Hatfield, PA

At the primarily hearing the DA would not reduce the charges or dismiss . I have never been charged with anything in the past . My attorney wants me to go threw the RAD program . It was 4 checks the first and the 4th was never to be deposited . As for the other two I was at fault . The police officer would not even speak to my attorney . I feel like I did not get a fair hearing . Now its going to cost me more money that I don't have . I am wondering if there is anything I can do to have charges dismissed . I can get letters stating I am a law abiding citizen that just make a stupid mistake . People who are real crooks get away with things were I who made a mistake needs to pay the extreme .

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    Answered . I take it this was a the district judge in Bucks or Mont cty. I actually live in Mont co. You need to speak with your attorney. The ARD program is a good program that allows the record to be expunged after the completion of the program. If I can be of help, you can email me.

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    Answered . Essentially, what you are asking for IS the ARD program. ARD is for people in your exact situation; first time offenders or people who have not offended within 10 years. Upon successful completion, the charges will be withdrawn and expunged, which is equivalent to never having been charged in the first place. Your letters about your good character will help you get in the program.

    ARD is a good program, and seems like it would be beneficial to you.

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    Answered . I am going to assume that you mean the ARD program. As my colleague stated, the ARD program in either Montgomery or Bucks County is just for 1st time offenders. Each county has it's own requirements and guidelines for acceptance into ARD. It may well be that your lawyer is correct in suggesting it.

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    Answered . It is still a crime even if you pay the money back. The attorney may be communicating the only deal available, ARD, so listen to him.

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