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I was charged with theft by decep-false impression what should i do?

Pittsburgh, PA |
Filed under: Criminal charges

last year i bought a laptop and couple months later i bought a nother one for my sister on my credit card then my dad told me i had to return it. i didnt have a chance to look but i believe my sister mixed up the boxes for the laptops and i went to return it everything went through a year later i get a letter in the mail telling me i have to go to court because i was charged with decep false impression and i dont know wat to do someone help me please i applyed with the fbi and i dont want it to ruin my career

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You should consult with an experienced criminal defense as soon as possible. Do not talk to anyone one from the store and do not talk to the police. Do not talk to anyone until you consult with an attorney.

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I agree with the other attorney's response. You need to hire legal counsel immediately and aggressively defend yourself. You may want to have a polygraph performed because the FBI will surely have you do one.

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