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I was charged with misdemeanor petty theft, $150 in value. Any chance can be reduced to infraction. I live in CA.

San Francisco, CA |

What is the punishment for misdemeanor conviction? Can it be expunged?

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  1. It is possible, depending on the facts and your criminal history. You may also be eligible for diversion and thereby avoid any conviction at all, if you can't beat the case on the facts. Get a free consultation with an attorney.

  2. Yes it can be reduced to an infraction.If you have a lawyer to defend the matter you have someone that can communicate with the DA at the lawyer to lawyer level and can accomplish the desired result.

  3. It's possible that the theft chage could be reduced, diverted, or dismissed altogether, depending on the evidence in your particular case. It is important that you discuss this with an attorney right away. Even a seemingly minor crime like theft could have serious consequences on your rights and your future. Your best bet is a great lawyer with experience handling similar cases, licensed in your state. Good luck!

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  4. Yes an infraction is possible, as is expunging it later. Depending on the county you are charged in $150 may not be sufficiently low for a DA to want to reduce to an infraction. Regardless you should hire a lawyer to get the best results in your case. Theft charges are a big problem for most employers. Petty theft is a crime of moral turpitude for immigration reasons so if you are not a US Citizen it is very important to understand the immigration consequences of your case too. Good luck.

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