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I was charged with forgery , uttering a stolen check and possesion of paraphernaila what can i expect

Neptune, NJ |

I just recieved a pre arraignment hearing notice i have never been in trouble before

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  1. You need a lawyer. These are serious charges that can result in probation, fines and community service on a first offense. Jail or prison would be possibilities if you have prior criminal history or violate probation. You would also have a criminal record. You may be able to avoid a conviction and the most serious consequences if you have a defense to the charge, by entering PTI (which is a program of probation that results in dismissal of the charges), or a downgrade to municipal court. Hire a lawyer to review the case so you don't miss any opportunities, as some options have deadlines.

  2. You can expect to be prosecuted and the consequences can be substantial. Get a lawyer ASAP. S/he can best advise, guide and defend you. S/he can also negotiate the best possible disposition for you if necessary.

  3. You are facing multiple criminal charges. Heavy fines, possible imprisonment are some of the consequences you can be facing. These can have long term effects on your future if convicted. You need to speak to an attorney, either a private attorney or a public defender, further about the charges you are facing. Given that this is a first offense based on what you are saying , you could be PTI eligible. But you need to consult with an attorney to determine for sure what remedies you have available.

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  4. More information is needed to answer the question. You need an attorney to keep your record as clean as possible, jail is very unlikely. This is likely a third degree offense and PTI is likely even in Monmouth County. A experienced criminal defense attorney can manage this. You will be required to have an attorney if the case stays in the County. It can possibly be downgraded and an attorney can help there too but prearraignment normally means the case has been indicated and will stay in the County. At the prearraignment they will do a 5A form to see if you are eligible for the PD or you could hire a private attorney. call with more information.

  5. The forgery and uttering are indictable offenses, which you could
    theoretically go to jail for. Since it is a pre-arraignment conference,
    that means you have been indicted and you will be arraigned in the future
    date. The paraphernalia charge is less of a concern because it is a
    disorderly persons offense, and carries with it less jail time and less
    likelihood of jail at all. It carries with it the possibility of a 6-24
    month loss of license. Without more facts, I can't tell you how good your
    chances of beating the case at trial are. However, I will tell you that if
    you are a first time offender, it is possible that you could be enrolled
    into Pre-Trial Intervention or sentenced to probation. Make sure you go to
    the pre-arraignment conference. It is usually a very casual appearance, but
    if you do not appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

  6. You should consult an attorney so your rights are protected and a lawyer can review the case and advise if there are search issues, etc. They can also guid you to PTI if it is the best option.

    John Ducey

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