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I was caught stealing at walmart in las vegas nv worth 25 dollars they didnt file a report on me or call the cops

Las Vegas, NV |

but they might send me a letter how much will i be fined for 25 dollars

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If cops were not called and no complaint was filed with the authorities, and there was no court case filed by the prosecutor [who is the only one that can "press charges"], there is no fine.
Many states now have statutes permitting retail stores to sue for their daamges as aresult of the petty theft . I generally tell clients to ignaore the demand as the store cannot prove damages. The pos people are there even if you are not and they get the item back.

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They store might seek to press charges against you if it files a complaint with the police/district (city) attorneys' office. You are not out of the woods yet. If the city/state brings charges against you, it will be for petty larceny.

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The State of Nevada has a law found at Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 597.860) that allows for a civil penalty of from $100.00 to $250.00 plus the value of the merchandise if not recovered. However, many merchants will only send out demand letters for the civil fine to try and get people to pay without going to court. In order to enforce the civil fine for shoplifting they would have to file an action in the Justice Court in the Township where the alleged shoplifting occurred.

The Nevada Revised Statutes also require that a misdemeanor occur in the presence of a police officer. The policy for Las Vegas Metro is to be called on a shoplifting and have store security sign the citation as a citizen's complaint since the offense would have been in the presence of store security. Since you were not detained for the police to come it is unlikely that they would now try to charge you with a misdemeanor theft.

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