I was caught shoplifting in wal mart and then let go can they issue a warrent for my arrest and or call my parents??

Ok i was at wal mart and i tried to take a few thing it was a movie and some gloves. All this happened last year around october i think. I was approached by security and ask to go to the back when i got there they told me they saw me and they wanted the stuff back and they searched my bag and took back the things and they made me fill out some paper work and said the next time im caught i would be arrested and since then i have not stolen from them. this was in tulsa Ok. I now live in florida and havnt been to a wal mart in a long time but i got a voice mail from my brother saying my dad wanted to talk to me about shoplifting

Tulsa, OK -

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Adam Yarussi

Adam Yarussi

Criminal Defense Attorney - Washington, PA

In order to thoroughly answer your question, you will have to provide your age. Also, you must provide the date of the offense in case the your statute of limitations bars the prosecution from bringing the specific claim against you. I would contact a local attorney in your area since many provide a free consultation.

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