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I was caught shoplifting and need some information on what is going to happen next.

Newark, NJ |
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I was stopped by LP on my way out of K mart in New Jersey and they told me to go to a back room. I'm a minor so they asked my mother to come with me. They asked me to empty my pockets and took back the merchandise. They asked very little, only my name, her name and phone number and our address. They didn't ask for any ID from either of us. I didn't sign any papers but my mother signed two. No police were called nor any mention of police were brought up. After she signed he said that they would be sending a fine and said we were free to go.I know that I will be getting a civil demand and that it can cost up to $500 since it was damaged. I want to know how long it takes to arrive and if they are likely to still press charges. I know you cant give me any concrete answers, just need some advice

The value of the item was $6, so I assume that it would count as a dp charge.

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They can charge you for a year ona Dp and five years on a felony . (there may be a difference there for a juvenile). It could come in the mail. They may not want to hassle juvenile court and you could get lucky.

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They can charge you within one year on a dis persons, within five years on a felony charge. Note, the police can mail you a charge. If you end up paying some civil demand, they may not bother....

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