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I was bitten by a dog while making a delivery at work. am i entitled to any settlement

Utica, NY |

customer opened door to take reciept and dog forced his way out bit my left upper thigh and right forarm. i was treated for 3 punctures in the thigh and one on the arm. this was billed to workes comp. i didnt miss any work but have some moderate pain and bruising.

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You probably have a right to pursue the owner of the dog. Many states make the owner strictly liable. You may have to reimburse workers comp for bills they paid. Id suggest you at least talk to a local injury lawyer.



thank you i will do that


You may be able to recover. In NY, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for injuries as a result of a dog bite if the dog had vicious propensities prior to biting you. Thus, if there is proof that the dog bit or acted aggressively before, you could have a claim. I suggest speaking with a local attorney who has handles this type of case before.

The information provided herein is not intended to be legal advice, but is for information purposes only and is based on the limited information provided. Any information provided is not intended to, and does not, create any attorney/client relationship where none exists.


The short answer is yes. However it is dependent on whether you can establish the dog's vicious propensities before being able to hold the dog owner liable. These type of cases require a thorough investigation in order to protect your rights and establish your claim. Our office has handled numerous dog bites and we can help you. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you get what you deserve.


Yes. My law partner recently won a $75,000.00 judgment for a similar case.


Depending on the facts you may be entitled to a third party claim in addition to a workers comp claim. I would contact a local personal injury attorney for legal advice or better yet, maybe one of our esteemed attorneys in your state can advise you.



In your state, there is strict liability if the dog had vicious propensities prior to biting you. You would want to retain a dog bite lawyer with a low contingency fee to investigate. Good luck to you.

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The others are correct, that if a dog has shown vicious propensities in the past, you can recover. A good lawyer will help you investigate. Bear in mind that any recovery - whether in a settlement or lawsuit - will require the consent of your workers' compensation insurance carrier, and the carrier will have to be paid back a certain amount for cost of the medical treatment you received.

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