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I was arrested wrongfully is there anything I can do?

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I was injured and attacked by my family member for splashing alcohol on him during an argument. I am a young 21 year old with no arrest record and he is in his 50's. He grabbed me, pinned me to the wall, and burned me with a cigarette (I have an apparent mark). He was ready to punch me until my other family member pushed him off me and then my attacking family member ran off unharmed. I called 911 and all of the sudden my uninjured family member comes back bloody and bruised like he harmed himself. The police arrested my defending family member and I for domestic battery and omitted all of my statements of my injuries, claimed I threw a glass of alcohol at him (not splashed it on him) and it was also omitted that he attacked me. He stated that I attacked him. He changed the story around..

I'm upset by situation and I'm very young. He was even making friends with the arresting officer. The arresting officer also never read either of us our rights despite the fact we were quiet. The whole arrest was very conspired in my opinion. I go back to court in less than a month. I just don't want to go back to jail. I don't belong there.

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Yes, you can hire a good criminal defense attorney who can help defend you and/or assert affirmative defenses.


The only advice that I can provide in this situation is to find an attorney and discuss the case with him or her in order to prepare for potential litigation.


Attorneys that ask you to contact them in this forum are violating community rules of this website. Use great caution when considering hiring an attorney who is willing to break the rules to get clients.

There is no confidentiality online. You are is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The likelihood of a positive outcome- exoneration or a mitigated sentence- is increased with the help of an experienced criminal litigator.

Seek out an experienced criminal litigator for a free consultation. If you cannot find one on Avvo, search at Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( Speak to several that offer free consultation. Hire one that you feel comfortable with and you can afford after speaking to several.

FACDL find a lawyer:

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Eric Joseph Dirga

Eric Joseph Dirga


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It sounds like you have defenses to your criminal charge. Sometimes the police make mistakes on these domestic cases. You should consider contesting the charges in court. If you need my help, call me at 407-831-3434.


You need a good attorney, one who can attack the BS of the alleged victim. I would be happy to consult with you as to any defenses you may have.


You need to secure the services of a competent criminal defense attorney to represent you in this matter. Familial situations are difficult but you need to protect yourself and your rights.

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