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I was arrested two nights ago for dui. They didnt take my license away from me or give me any papers.

Jersey Shore, PA |

Im not sure if i have my license at the moment or not. They literally didnt tell much of anything. Is this normal in PA?

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    This is normal procedure in PA. The police are probably waiting on the results from the blood test to determine your actual blood alcohol level, and the police would then file charges accordingly. The charges are generally mailed to you, and you are then scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing. Your driving privileges are valid and will remain valid until something happens with your case. Driving privileges may be suspended in the future if you accept ARD, plead guilty or are convicted. You will probably receive the charges in the mail in the next 2-4 weeks, and your hearing will probably be scheduled to occur 2-4 weeks after the paperwork is filed. After you receive the paperwork, you should contact a DUI defense attorney in your area to review your case.

    Jason S. Dunkle, Esquire
    D & H Law Group, P.C.
    State College, PA 16801

  2. Yes, you will receive a summons in the mail within 3 weeks or so to appear in District Court for your Preliminary Hearing. If your license gets suspended it will not happen until after the case is over.
    You should call a local defense attorney for a consultation.
    Good luck

  3. First, you can be sent a notice to appear in the mail. Watch for it. Make sure your driver's license had your correct address. If you do not get the notice and do not go to court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You should look into hiring a DUI attorney. Not only can they start preparing for the case, but, they can probably also monitor whether a case has been filed or not.

    Any comments offered are not intended as legal advice. This attorney does not know the specifics of the particular case sufficiently to offer legal advice. You should hire a lawyer who can evaluate the details of your specific situation before offering advice. If you wish specific help in any criminal case in San Diego, contact for a free consultation. For help with any criminal case in Los Angeles County or the surrounding areas contact

  4. Yes, this is completely normal if it happened outside of Philadelphia. You will definitely receive a summons in the mail. Make sure you hire an attorney who is familiar with the effect a PA DUI will have on your NJ driving privileges.

    John M Walsh
    Law Office of John M Walsh
    2101 Pine St
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

  5. Your license has been given back because you have not yet been convicted of a crime. Even if charges have been or will be filed, you will not have your license suspension until you have both been found guilty and been sentenced. Found out how to prevent this by contacting an attorney.

    Michael L. Doyle
    (215) 735-5900

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