I was arrested twice two weeks apart, iwas put on probation on the first case. Then almost on year later the da filed charges on

Asked almost 3 years ago - Corona, CA

The other case. The two cases were in two difftent counties and the were prescription fraud. I call my po and she said i didnt violate. And will the other court find out about the other county.

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    Answered . Yes the other court will find out - the DA regularly runs raps, especially since he/she just filed on you - they will know about the other county. Now, whether the other county does anything about it is anyone's guess - DA's don't have the power to request probation revocations in counties not they're own. But it's a safe bet they know about the other conviction. Get an attorney to assist you.

    Mr. Feasel is a former Deputy DA in the SF Bay Area with over 10 years of criminal law experience. Nothing stated... more
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    Answered . It doesn't sound like you have a probation of violation. However on the other case you are going to court for you should have an attorney represent you - either paid or the public defender. You might have a speedy trial issue to raise.

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    Answered . If your arrests were two weeks apart, there is no probation violation if you weren't on probation yet at the time of the second arrest. The fact that you were charged with the second violation while on probation for the first is irrelevant. The two courts will find out about the other. You should have an attorney to argue for a probationary sentence on the second case as well.

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