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I was arrested on a domestic charge placed against my husband.

Clearwater, FL |

the state has sent me a letter now stating that their has been a notice of no information filed, as I suspected would be. My bonds lady told me basically this means it was dropped. Can I get this removed from my record? Otherwise I have a clean record.

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You'll have to seek an expungment. You can go on the Fdle website if you'd like to try it yourself or hire a lawyer. I Handle these matters and offer free consultation.

Free Consultations can be made by calling 407-617-1064. Please understand that the information given is not to be construed as legal advice. More information would be needed in order to make more accurate legal determinations on your matter. Furthermore, an attorney-client relationship does not begin until a retainer agreement has been signed by the attorney and client.


You can have your record sealed/expunged which will remove it from your record. The only people who will be able to see your record are certain government agencies and private companies that keep databases of criminal arrests. Both are limited circumstances as most private employers would not have access to these sort of searches.

For a good explanation of what can and can't be sealed/expunged please go to

This answer is for informational purposes only. This answer does not constitute legal advice, create an attorney-client relationship, or constitute attorney advertising. For a more detailed consultation please visit or call 855-7TICKET (784-2548).


Congratulations on your dismissal. Your case is eligible for an expungement. This is a long process but can be helped by a lawyer. Feel free to look at our website for any expungement questions you may have.
Good luck,


If you have no other conviction then you would be eligible to have your record expunged. Attorney's charge a variable fee for the service or you can go online to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website and learn how to do it on your own.


Yes and you should immediately seek an expungement since this type of arrest on your record is very damaging. Since the state declined to file charges, it was dismissed by the prosecutor and you may expunge it and later lawfully deny the arrest. We do scores of these yearly and can assist with the process if you want to hire a lawyer to do it.


You should be able to expunge the arrest. Once you obtain the certificate of eligibility from FDLE you will need to file a sworn affidavit with the clerk of court and schedule a hearing. You can do this on your own or consult with an attorney to assist you. Good luck!


You definitely qualify for an expungement. It would be easier to have an attorney do this for you and most attorney offer a reasonable fee for these services. If you would like a free consultation, contact me at 813-681-8383. Don't wait too long to do this as it can affect your life in ways you don't know at this time.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.


My colleagues are correct. However, even the expungement process will not remove the dozens of links of your mugshot on google. I would like to learn more about your case.

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