I was arrested in Georgia for driving on a suspended license. My license are from Florida.

Asked over 2 years ago - Newnan, GA

I forgot to pay a traffic ticket from Alabama when I was still living in GA. I was issued a citation in Florida on that suspension and resolved it. I then I switched to a Florida license., this was in 2008. I recently was in GA where I received another traffic violation and once again didn't remember to pay it. After that I was pulled over and arrested for driving on suspended license, FTML, and misdemeanor marijuana charges. Is there anyway to defend this so that I am not put in jail for 10 days?

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  1. Joshua G. Schiffer


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    Answered . You need to get a lawyer if you want to successfully negotiate your way out of that jail time. No time is "mandatory," but FTA's, especially a habit of them, makes it pretty easy for the judge to make an example of you.
    Please also remember that the weed charge is going to drastically affect your license and privilege to drive. Any VGCSA (drug) charge in GA affects your DDS record and you need to handle this right, or you are gonna be on the bis for the foreseeable future.
    This is the time where you need to invest in a serious, experienced, local lawyer. If you pay less than a grand you are just getting ripped off and it should be more like 2-4K by the time you are done from what it sounds like.
    Newnan has some great practitioners and I would call friends for some recommendations.
    Good Luck!

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  2. Michael Jason Rhoades

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    Answered . Your circumstances seem a little more complex than what can be simply answered here. Bottom line - get yourself an attorney ASAP to try and get things worked out.
    M. Jason Rhoades

  3. Brett Ladd


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    Answered . Yes. And if you hire a good attorney like myself or any of the others here an Avvo, it is likely to work out so that you don't get convicted on the DWSL charge, and so that there is no suspension(and no jail time) based on the Marijuana charge.

    Do so "sooner, rather than later."

    Good luck.

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