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I was arrested in Alameda County (downtown Pleasanton) for dui. First offense. Alameda County requires the interlock device if

Pleasanton, CA |

Convicted. How long can I be expected to have to keep the device installed? Can you give different ranges for different blood levels and also inform me what happens if I travel for personal business and want to rent a car etc. thanks!

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The DMV will require the IID in any car registered in your name. Once convicted of DUI it is illegal to drive with ANY amount of alcohol in your system.


5 months for the pilot IID (unless there was injury/death, then 12 months). If you also lose/lost/didn't request/missed your DMV hearing, that suspension may make the total longer, depending on the amount of overlap. As for your second question, you cannot drive any car, owned, borrowed or rented without a properly functioning IID.

"VC 23247 - Ignition Interlock Device Prohibitions

(a) It is unlawful for a person to knowingly rent, lease, or lend a motor vehicle to another person known to have had his or her driving privilege restricted as provided in Section 13352 or 23575, unless the vehicle is equipped with a functioning, certified ignition interlock device."


Five months on a first time DUI if you opt to get a restricted license. Your BAC level does not affect this.

Every car you drive is supposed be equipped with such a device. I would just defer your personal travel (a vacation??) until after the five months if you can.


If you're convicted of the A count or B count in a pilot county, you'll have to get the IID for 6 months on a first offense.

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