I was arrested for posssesion of 20 grams or more with intent to man/sell/deliver, first offense no prior record.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Miami, FL

started with a car accident, there was a car at a stand still in the middle of the road and hit him/her at 30 mph the cop then came to the scene after getting my information, they started going into my car asked me if i had any cannabis in the car because of the smell i never let them search my car it was just open due to the accident and i was still in a state of shock from the whole accident i gave it to them and they intended i was a dealer and i said it was personal use. i am not exactly sure what to expect i wasnt read my miranda rights i have a super clean record good grades in college never had one run in with the law besides this i wasnt found with baggies scales or any dealing paraphinela.just curious due to the accident is there anything that i can use to help fight these charge

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  1. William David Umansky


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    Answered . You will need a competent Miami lawyer to assist you. It is strange the cops charged you intent without paraphernalia or baggies. It could be the cops based it upon other factors they found at the scene including the amount of grams they discovered. Miranda is a tricky question and a lawyer can not analyze that for here without t more facts known. Hire a lawyer to try and get the state to not file the intent charges and perhaps seek out a first offender program like diversion or intervention where you can get the charges dropped. Good luck!

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  2. Steven Douglas Knittle

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    Answered . You should hire a competent criminal defense attorney ASAP. There may be issues with the legality of the officer's actions but more information is needed to determine that.

  3. Frank Mascagni III

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    Answered . The first thing is to hire a competent criminal defense attorney ASAP. You have to concerns: the CRIMINAL charge and the CIVIL car accident to deal with. The search of the vehicle, your "consent", the lack of a "Miranda" warning may or may not affect the outcome of the criminal case. Get counsel now.

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