I was arrested for marijuana possession what should I expect for my first offense

I was pulled over for speeding and the cop asked if I had marijuana because it smelled like it I admitted that I had about 2 grams and a smoking device I was reliesed to my parents I'm an 18 year old college student that lives in New Hampshire and this is my first offence and have no other criminal history I know what the maximum penalty for this is I'm just wondering what to expect for a sentence

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Donald L. Blaszka Jr.

Donald L. Blaszka Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Londonderry, NH

In New Hampshire, Possession of a Controlled Drug is a Class A or Class B misdemeanor depending on how the prosecution charges you.

A Class A Misdemeanor is punishable up to 12 months in jail and or a $2,000 fine plus 24% penalty assessment. A Class B Misdemeanor is punishable up to $1,200 fine plus 24% penalty assessment.

You are also facing a possible loss of license of 90 days up to 6 months through the court with a minimum fine of $350 plus 24% penalty assessment if found guilty or if you plead guilty.

You should contact a local NH criminal defense attorney to represent you in your case.

Frank Mascagni III

Frank Mascagni III

Criminal Defense Attorney - Louisville, KY

You need to contact a competent criminal defense attorney to represent you. The speeding provided the legal right for the police to pull you over; the "plain smell" of the marijuana provide further probable cause and lastly your admission to a crime sealed the deal.

I expanded your post so some avvo criminal defense lawyers who practice in NH might respond. Get counsel.

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Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Madison, WI

I agree that you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. The issue is not what the sentence will be but whether you will be convicted and have a drug record. Among other things, a conviction for this, even with a $10 fine will mean you get no federal financial aid.

A drug conviction may keep you from being considered for employment in jobs you want.

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