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I was arrested for DUI and received no paperwork and no ticket and was released to a friend in MN. What happens now?

Two Harbors, MN |

What is happening with my DUI arrest from 2 weeks ago? Should I expect paperwork since I didn’t get a ticket? What are the next steps?

It has been two weeks and I am confused as to what is going on. I was arrested for a DUI for having a .105 BAC and released after taking a urine test, and having someone come get me and my vehicle. I was given no paperwork or ticket or anything in Minnesota.

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If you were arrested, you will be expected in a court. You should contact the court in the town where you were allegedly driving and ask if they have your case and when you are to appear. Keep it simple, and do not volunteer any information beyond your name, DOB, address and the charges for which you believe you were arrested. If possible, find out if you can get copies of the charges. With luck, you have not missed your first court date and there is no warrant for your arrest. Normally, defendants are given copies of their charges along with a date to appear, but it will not matter to the court if you missed your court date.

Then get an attorney, preferably a local criminal defense attorney who is very experienced with DUIs. DUI charges are nothing to take lightly.

DISCLAIMER: I do not practice in MN. This answer to a short question is provided solely for general informational purposes and based on general legal principles and court practice. Local practice may differ from location to location. This post is not intended to provide the specific legal advice you might need to decide your future actions. This answer does not constitute legal advice, create an attorney-client relationship, or constitute attorney advertising. Talk to a local attorney in private for confidential advice as to your particular situation.

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You will receive paperwork in the mail from the MN court and from the Department of Public Safety when the test results are processed by the BCA in St. Paul.

Make sure your driver's license has your current address since that is the only address where info will be sent. It is also wise to consult with a DUI defense attorney since an attorney can more effectively monitor the situation to make sure you don't miss any court dates or notices from the State.

You do not need to wait for the BAC test results to come back before an attorney can start investigating your case either. Be proactive about your DUI case in MN.

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With urine or blood sample searches, often the police and prosecution will wait until the lab analysis of the sample is done before taking any action.

If the police and prosecution claim your BAC is over .08, the MN Dept of Public Safety will mail a Notice of Administrative License Revocation (which must be challenged within 30 days or it cannot be challenged at all) and the local prosecutor usually will cause a Summons to be mailed on a DWI criminal charge, with a court date. It's a good idea to consult with a good DWI defense lawyer at this time.

Thomas C Gallagher
Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

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