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I was arrested for a DUI in Lawrenceburg. Passed field sobriety tests, and refused blood test because I am a commercial driver.

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I was arrested for a DUI in Lawrenceburg, TN. Passed field sobriety tests, and refused blood test because I am a commercial driver and it would show up on my work insurance and could result in me getting fired. I was pulled over for "yielding and then merging." The officer never asked me to take a breathalyzer. Can you give me some advice on where to go from here? Should I have an attorney?

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    You need an attorney ASAP. You could lose your commercial DL if convicted. Were you in your rig? I am a former prosecutor and spent several years in Marshall County near Lawrenceburg prosecuting mainly DUIs. I have provided a link with lots of information about DUI in Tennessee.

    Call 615-736-9596 for consultation. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. This answer is for information only. Call me or another attorney to represent you.

  2. If you have a CDL you diffinatly need a DUI attorney. Look for someone who is a member of the National College for DUI Defense (the NCDD) to be sure they know DUI defense.

    Claiborne H. Ferguson, Esq. is * Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. * Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization.

  3. If you have a commercial DL you shouldn't take any chances. Consult with an attorney in your area to discuss further. If you want to check on attorneys in your area here in AVVO you can select "Find a Lawyer" on the top of the page. Good luck.

  4. I agree with my colleagues. DUI/DWI laws are particularly harsh on CDL holders. Retain a qualified attorney s quickly as possible.

    Christopher I. Simser, Sr.
    Anelli Xavier
    Syracuse - Albany - Rochester - Buffalo

  5. Yes you definitely need an attorney because if you are convicted you will more than likely not be able to do your job. Their is no such thing as a restricted commercial drivers license.Nobody ever passes the fst,'s in the mind of the po so I would bet when you go to court the po wont agree with your assessment. .Ive been doing dui work for 26 yrs and Ive never had a po tell me my client passed the fst's. If you did,he is suppose to go no further and let you drive away. They don't have to offer you the breath test. that is the police officer discretion. Would definitely concentrate on getting case dismissed due to possible illegal stop because if you are found guilty of refusing the test which is not hard to prove,you will lose your license for a year even if your found not guilty on the DUI and that is your livelihood.Good luck!

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