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I was arrested for a dui at the beginning of may but my licence was not confiscated. my court date is in june . is my license su

Douglasville, GA |

I blew a .101 it was raining. I hydroplaned and went into a ditch

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  1. Your license may be suspended, but not necessarily. DDS has an automated number you can call to check. Douglas county is extremely hard on DUIs, so make sure you find a good DUI attorney to represent you. You blew fairly close to the limit, so don't just plead guilty, as you may have a good defense. Feel free to call us any time at 404-987-0245 to discuss your case in more detail at no charge.

  2. Like the other lawyer said, call DDS to check if your license is suspended, but it probably isn't. Also check the paperwork from your arrest to see if the officer issued you a 1205 form. That is the one that says that he is going to proceed with a suspension for blowing over the legal limit. You need to talk to a local DUI lawyer like Allen Trapp who can give you through this whole process.

  3. Call your state's version of DMV to inquire as to the status of your license, and consult with a DUI attorney. Good luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  4. If the officer did not issue you a 1205 form which is a regular size sheet of paper with a 30 day driving permit on it, and you got to keep your license, your license is most likely not suspended for right now. you can always all 404-657-9300, type in your license number, and the automated system will tell you if your license is alid or not.

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  5. It is possible that your license is not suspended. I would advise you to call the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to find out the status of your license. If you were issued a DDS Form 1205 and didn't file your request for a hearing within the 10 business day limit there is an automatic process that will suspend your license. I would advise you to retain the best DUI Defense Attorney that is available to you- ASAP!!! There may be defenses to the DUI charge that you are unaware of and that an experienced DUI attorney will be able identify and use in your defense. Don't just give up and enter a GUILTY plea! A DUI conviction will not just go away,,, it will HAUNT you! Not trying to scare you, but you should take this situation very seriously and do your best to fight the charges. Good Luck!
    George McCranie

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