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I was arrested for "small possession of Marijuana", will I get drug tested in court?

Cheltenham, PA |

I was arrested for "small possession of Marijuana" and I am 17 years old. I have a court date soon and was wondering if I will get drug tested? This is a first time offense. What do you think will happen? I live in Pennsylvania. I was charged with disorderly conduct.

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I doubt you will be drug tested in the courtroom or even the courthouse, but you may very well find yourself on juvenile probation--which will likely include a requirement of random testing. Quit using marijuana and start cleaning our your system.

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I think many Judges in Montgomery County would require you to be drug tested since you are only 17.

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I doubt that this will occur at court. I suspect, that if you are put on juvenile probation, they may test you to determine whether anything is in your system. You will not get in trouble for what is in your system at that put, but it will be a baseline to determine of you continue to use while on probation. This is how I suspect that it will proceed.

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Probably not. You may be sentenced to drug treatment. You will probably be tested then.

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