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I was an passenger of my own car by friend was driving she hit my garage door

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i was sleep and had a few beers i let my friend drive cause she hadnt been drinking. as she was about to pull in my garage she scrap the side of my garage on the passenger side. She said she was going to pay for it. But she playing around like she not going to pay. I do have all the text messanges saying she did it. so i file through my insurance. Than the insurance company accepted and said an adjust will be out. Than I went to get an estimate. When the adjust came out he said that his supervisor has to authorize payment and vertified coverage on my policy. I feel Im about to get cheated what should i do?

update. My insurance company are saying they need the information (license full government name etc) from her. I met her a month ago. I didnt know her full name just her first nor do I know for concern that if she had a driver license. I assumed she did cause she drove her car to the get together. But she left her car at the get together. It would seem as if my insurance company is trying to not pay for the damages because I dont know all her information. I made it clear to my insurance company that I only knew her for a month.

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Based on the facts provided it sounds like there is no reason your insurance company will not cover the damage. I would take a wait and see approach. If your insurance pays to fix your car, than you have no issue.

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Thank you Mr hodges for your quick reply


If you have collision coverage, your auto insurance should pay to repair the damage minus any deductible.

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Your insurance company may pay the damage and charge you the deductable. Also, if your friend has valid insurance on her own vehicle, her insurance company may reimburse your company, plus return/pay the deductible back to you. If you don't want to pay the deductible and seek reimbursement, you may try putting the claim through your friend's insurance company first.

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