I was accused of shoplifting at walmart.

Asked over 2 years ago - Houston, TX

I was taken back into a room where they said they would be calling to police because it was a 150.00 worth of stuff.Well after 20 mins they let me go no police showed up and i did not receive a ticket.This was back in december now 3 months later i have the police calling me refering the case to the Da's office

Additional information

the case was taken to the da's offfice and here is what happened..

Date Type Description SNU/CFI
02/28/2012 COMPLAINT FILED 2130 4 THEFT - $50-$500 LEVEL MB
02/28/2012 BOND SET $1000 999
02/29/2012 JUDG OFFENSE THEFT - $50-$500 LEVEL MB

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  1. Don Ellis Mcclure Jr.

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    Answered . Looks like it was dismissed on 2/29/12. This case does not look active.

  2. M Elizabeth Gunn

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    Answered . The WalMart employees wouldn't be able to "issue you a ticket" for this themselves, and actually neither would a police officer--they can only do that if the value of the stolen property is under $50. I imagine what happened is the PD was just having a busy shift, and that was a non-emergency, so they told WalMart they were just going to have to wait. I'm not sure from what you've said whether they've actually referred the case to the DA so they can get a warrant approved, or whether it's maybe more a matter of sending it to the DA to see if they feel like dealing with it or just want to close things out without filing a case. There's nothing "illegal" about them issuing a warrant for you later, but that's definitely not the usual means of dealing with shoplifting cases, and I imagine a decent argument could be made that you did not get the chance to tell your side of this story at the time. That might get you somewhere, and then again it might not. WalMart has got cameras on every inch of their stores, and the odds are fairly good they've got video of what they say you did, on top of whoever at the store saw you, and where exactly they found the merchandise when they stopped you. What ends up happening with your case will probably hinge somewhat on what that video shows. Once you get an attorney, your attorney will be able to view the video and read the reports, and will then have a better idea of what kind of case they have against you. Good luck.

  3. Eric B. Dick


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    Answered . It doesn't look like this is an active case. I'd note that companies like Wal-Mart are notorious for sending out civil threats to file suit under theft liability act.

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