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I was accused of a crime. The police said they need my written statement to close the case but dont want to arrest me. Advice?

Scranton, PA |

They want statements from my wife and friend and said if we dont give our statements he will just arrest me and charge me. He said the victims statement is enough to charge and convict me but he just wants to close the case so it never happens again. He also lied and said he already had a statement from my friend when he didnt

I cannot afford an attorney right now. Is it safe to assume he is just trying to obtain enough evidence for an arrest because he doesnt yet have enough, and does he NEED statements to close the case? Thank you so much for the help

Attorney Answers 5

  1. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before writing or saying anything to the police about this case.

  2. I am in total agreement with Mr. Myshin. DO NOT talk with or meet with police under any circumstances without benefit of counsel. IF you are arrested DO NOT talk with police/answer their questions about the matter under investigation. The officer is most assuredly seeking evidence against you.

  3. I share your suspicion and the suspicion of my colleagues who have already answered. Don't talk to him without speaking with counsel first.

    As for your lack of money, many lawyers--including some in your area--offer a free consultation. It sounds to me like you might be charged whether you speak to the officer or not. I'd take somebody's offer for a free consult.

  4. Cops lie all the time and get people to confess. That is most likely what is happening here. DO not talk to the police or answer any questions about the crime.

    R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,

  5. Everybody is right. If you get the cops to agree to this, that agreement is not enforceable. In criminal law, only agreements between the DA and the defendant's lawyer, are enforceable. I am suspicious of the cop. I would tell him, we want to agree to this but our lawyer says if we cooperate with you, it can only be an agreement as you say,if made between our lawyer and the DA.