I was a victim of a three car accident. The driver who caused the accident did not have insurance so I sued the second driver

Asked about 3 years ago - Orlando, FL

I lost in court. Now, I am due in court by the second drivers insurance to pay court and expert fees. My trial is tomorrow, I have representation but how should I be handling this?

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    Answered . Too much left unsaid. You have to rely upon the advice of your counsel. That is what they are paid to do.

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    Answered . Taking someone to trial involves risk. If you lose, you can be responsible for the other side's costs (and even their attorney fees in some situations). Your lawyer should have explained these risks to you. Often, the other side is more interested in making sure you don't appeal than really going after you for costs. You should discuss this with your lawyer, who should tell you your options.

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    Answered . You have a lawyer, and he/she will advise you before court.

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    Answered . Your lawyer will prep you before court.

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